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PLACE Penninne Lancashire
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Welcome to PLACE Pennine Lancashire 

Pennine Lancashire as a geographical area has a population of over 522,000 and enjoys a diverse cultural make-up, beautiful countryside and a growing local economy underpinned by a high-value manufacturing base.  The area has enormous potential. 


PLACE was formally established several years ago and is built on a strong working partnership of the private and public sector.  The Chamber of CommerceRegenerate Pennine Lancashire Ltd and East Lancs CCG work with the local authorities to improve the area.  As a clear example of how collaborative working in a large two tier area can work, Pennine Lancashire signed a Multi Area Agreement (MAA) in 2009 with the Government which outlined the priorities for Pennine Lancashire and sought to provide an infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern economy. 


Over recent years PLACE has helped to secure significant levels of external funding for the area including almost £16m for housing, £51.4m for Transport over £2m for arts and cultural activities and £22m for business support programmes.   


PLACE has recently agreed an Investment Plan which sets out the key strategic priorities for the area and reflects our ambition to drive jobs and economic growth in the area. 


PLACE has robust governance structures which have been developed in order to boost economic performance and enhance the offer and opportunities available in Pennine Lancashire.  PLACE continues to act as the voice for the five local authorities in Pennine Lancashire and plays a role in the wider partnership working taking place across the North West region. 


The Pennine Lancs authorities are part of the Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) alongside the private sector representatives.  Pennine Lancashire is recognised as one of three sub areas in the County with a distinct economic footprint. 


With progress and improvements being made and by working together, Pennine Lancashire is able to offer employment opportunities, support to businesses, decent homes, improved lifestyles and good transport links.