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PLACE Penninne Lancashire
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Pennine Lancashire Social Economy Board


The Social Economy Board was formally set up in 2009 with the three Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) and the five Community Networks operating across Pennine Lancashire.


The purpose of the group is to ensure that the third sector are engaged in the shaping of policies and strategies affecting Pennine Lancashire and to ensure that the third sector play a full, active and effective part in delivering Pennine Lancashire’s strategic objectives and wider social economic sustainability. 


In March 2010, the Social Economy Board wrote a paper on addressing social inclusion in Pennine Lancashire to ensure that those residents who are most disadvantaged are not further excluded as the economy grows.  This paper has helped to inform the work of the respective Local Strategic Partnerships within the area and the work and skills plan being produced by the Pennine Lancashire Employment and Skills Board. 


Membership of the Board is drawn from the CVS' within Pennine Lancashire and other community, voluntary and faith sector umberella bodies. 


The third sector, not for profit and social enterprise organisations are also represented within the wider Pennine Lancashire governance structures and have places on the Pennine Lancashire Employment and Skills Board and the Pennine Lancs Housing Partnership.