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PLACE Penninne Lancashire
Building Control

Key strategies and documents


Over the last six year PLACE have developed a number of key strategies for Pennine lancashire:


Pennine Lancashire Investment Plan - agreed in July 2013 by all authorities, this Investment Plan sets out the key strategic priorities for the area and reflects our ambition to drive jobs and economic growth in the area.    


Pennine Lancashire’s economic contribution to the Lancashire LEP sets out the areas key industrial strengths and development opportunities to help the Lancashire LEP grow the Lancashire economy.


Pennine Lancashire spatial guide which provides a framework for the authorities spatial planning activity


The Multi Area Agreement (MAA) reflects the ambitions for Pennine Lancashire in 2009. 


The Pennine Lancashire Economic Strategy (PLES) underpins the MAA and details a number of strategic interventions.


The Pennine Lancashire Housing Strategy (PLHS) The strategy covers a 20 year period and provides a strong long term vision to transforming the housing market in the sub-region to meet the needs and aspirations of our residents.



The Pennine Lancashire Cultural Plan and Cultural Action Plan 



The PLACE Strategy Unit also provides a Intelligence Report which is available on this website.


There are a number of other key documents which form the evidence base for Pennine Lancashire and a number of strategy documents setting out our plans for the areas.


These include:


Addressing social inclusion in Pennine Lancashire


Economic Relationship between Pennine Lancashire and Greater Manchester (Ekosgen 2008)


Pennine Lancashire Digital Strategy


Pennine Lancashire Employment and Skills Board Position Statement (PLACE, 2010)


Pennine Lancashire MAA Economic Impact Assessment (Ekosgen, 2008)